Fall Transition

paige edgemont jeans_topshop vest paige edgemont jeans_topshop vest2 paige edgemont jeans_topshop vest3 paige edgemont jeans_topshop vest4 paige edgemont jeans_topshop vest5 paige edgemont jeans_topshop vest6 paige edgemont jeans_topshop vest7

{vest: Topshop} {jeans: Paige} {heels: Steve Madden} {bag: Rebecca Minkoff} {sunglasses: Ray Ban}

The end of August and beginning of September are always an awkward time of year as far as fashion goes. It´s still blazing hot, but you have already made a few purchases for your fall wardrobe that you want to wear. Not to mention that everywhere you look, you are reminded of the season.

Football season has already kicked off, Halloween costumes are already on display, and in just a few days, Starbucks will release its Pumpkin Spice latté; but it´s still not fall and certainly doesn´t feel like it. For me it´s always a challenge to dress for this time of year: the weather demands you to wear you summer clothes, but everything else says “just wear that new sweater and deal with the consequences”.

That being said, I wanted to share a fall transition outfit that keeps you on point with the upcoming season, but also leaves you cool enough to endure the last of the summer temperatures. A long vest or even a sleeveless trench, which are both on trend right now, are key pieces to achieve this. They are great to layer with tanks and t-shirts and then later on with sweaters as the weather cools down. I paired this Topshop one with a dark tank, textured jeans and sandals to create a balance.

What is your favorite outfit to wear to transition into fall?

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El fin de Agosto y al principio de septiembre siempre es un periodo raro el año al respeto a la moda. Hace mucho calor, pero ya has comprado unas cosas para tu guardarropa otoñal que te quieres poner. Además, dónde veas, te acuerdas de la temporada.

El americano ya empezó, ya están los disfraces de Halloween en las tiendas y en un par de días Starbucks lanzará su latté de Pumpkin Spice; pero aun no es otoño y definitivamente no se siente así. Para mí siempre es un reto para vestirme en esta temporada del año: el clima me exige ropa veraniega pero todo lo demás dice que debo de ponerme este suéter y sufrir las consecuencias después.

Por eso, les quería compartir un look transicional para el otoño que te alinea con la moda de la temporada que viene, pero también te permite aguantar las temperaturas calorosas. Un chaleco largo o una gabardina sin mangas, cuales son muy de moda ahorita, son piezas claves para lograr eso. Son excelentes para usar como capa con playeritas y después con suéteres y cuellos de tortuga cuando se refresca el clima. Combiné este chaleco de Topshop con una blusa oscura, jeans con textura y esandalias altas para crear un balance.

¿Cuál es tu outfit preferido para poner y transicionarte al otoño?

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Wardrobe Essentials: Dresses

wardrobe essentials dresses

Hello, everyone! I took a quick break from the Wardrobe Essentials series, but today we are back at it and sharing with you one of my favorite wardrobe categories: dresses.

Dresses are fabulous because they are a one-piece solution that you can throw on and get out the door in a snap, so here are my picks for the dresses that I consider essential for any woman´s closet:

  1. T-Shirt Dress: Not the most glamorous in the category, but definitely one that probably gets the most use. From coffee, to errands, to happy hour, this dress literally can take you anywhere you need to be. Dress it up with heels and a blazer or down with a pair of booties and a utility jacket.
  2. Cocktail Dress: Every girl needs a fun cocktail dress on hand for when you are invited to a wedding or any another formal event. Since cocktail dresses scream “dancing” and “party”, I recommend having one that when you put it on, it just makes you feel like the life of the party (even if you don´t want to be); maybe a vivid color or texture or even a pretty print would all be great choices.
  3. Little White Dress (LWD): A crisp, white dress is perfect for the spring and summer months. Easy, light and fresh.
  4. Little Black Dress (LBD): A Little Black Dress is one of the most classic pieces a woman can own; a dress that you can put on with a fantastic earrings and a great pair of shoes and call it a day. LBD´s are flattering, feminine and easy. Although I am showing yet another cocktail dress here, your LBD doesn´t have to be cocktail. Find one that is special and perfectly suits your style.
  5. Sweater Dress: A cozy sweater dress is perfect for the cooler months and can be worn several different ways: with bare legs and booties, with heels, or with tights and tall boots.
  6. Daytime Dress: I had a hard time trying to think of what to call this sub-category, but “Daytime” seemed to fit the bill. The Daytime Dress is a bit dressier than a t-shirt dress and obviously one you can wear during the day, to events such as a birthday brunch or to a bridal shower.
  7. Shift Dress: A shift dress is a close second to the LBD as far as classics go because it is easy to wear, comfortable and completely versatile. You can wear the shift during the day, and then they can take you through a semi-formal event when accessorized correctly.

You can read the Wardrobe Essentials posts on Shoes, Outerwear, Bottoms, and Tops here! The next installment will be Accessories, so if there is anything you think I should include, please tell.

Gave a great rest of the week!

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Skincare Solutions for Breakouts

kiehls blemish control_just tea tree cream_body shop tea tree concealer2

Today I wanted to share with you guys something I have recently struggled with, and I hope for those that have dealt with the same or something similar, that this articles helps. Before I tell you my story, let me preface by saying that I have pretty good skin and did not do much to take care of it other than using quality skincare products.

So, a few months ago, I got off my birth control pill for a handful of reasons, and ever since I did, my face has been constantly breaking out. After the first two months, I thought it would subside, so I stuck with my routine of dabbing on a little tea tree cream on the blemishes here and there and that´s it. A few months later, I was still having breakouts, which occurred mainly in my chin/jaw area, and I thought that at this point, it had to have something to do with my skincare routine and the products I was using.

Late last month and going into the first week of August, I was under a lot of stress, and my skin looked worse than it ever had before. I looked like a teenager, and I was so embarrassed and was constantly applying makeup to cover my face up. I have always taken pride in not having to wear foundation (just tinted moisturizer for special occasions) because I have never needed it and believe in letting my skin breath, but I reminded myself that I am human and there are way worse things than a rampant breakout in your 30´s. So, I finally decided to do something about it and was ready to spend whatever it took to clear my skin up.

I called my mom, who worked in skincare for several years and is a total guru on the subject, and she explained that my body was still ridding itself of the hormones that have been inside of me for so long from taking the pill and that it was going to take a while for them to cycle out. She suggested finding a good spot treatment and being religious about washing my face with a good cleanser. I still thought I needed more than just a spot treatment, so I went to the Kiehl´s store ready to drop $100+ dollars on the Blue Herbal line, but the salesman looked at my skin, and like my mom, said I only needed a spot treatment and that the Blue Herbal line was not for my skin type. He sent me home with a sample of the Kiehl´s Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment so I could try it, and as usual with any Kiehl´s product, I was a happy customer and returned to buy the spot treatment.

So to wrap this up, I wanted to share with you the products that, together, coupled with patience and diligent use, have cleared up my skin and have it looking back to normal.

Hoy les quería compartir algo sobre que he batallado con ustedes, y espero que les sirve a los que han enfrentado lo mismo o algo parecido. Antes que les cuento mi historia, déjame decirles primero que siempre he tenido piel de la cara bonita y no hice mucho esfuerzo para cuidarlo aparte de usar buenos productos.

Entonces hace un par de meses, dejé de usar la pastilla por varias razones, y ahora que lo hice, me han salido granos en la cara constantemente. Después de dos meses, pensé que mi piel se iba a regular entonces me quedé con mi rutina de poner poquito crema de tea tree una vez en cuando y ya. Unos meses después, todavía me salían los granos, y muchos por el mentón, y pensé que ya no tenía nada que ver con mis hormonas y más bien era algo de los productos que estaba usando.

El mes pasado y durante la primera semana de Agosto, tenía mucho estrés, y mi piel no se podía ver peor. Me veía como una puberta y me dio pena y siempre estaba poniendo maquillaje para tapar los granos. Siempre he sido orgullosa que no me pongo maquillaje (sólo “tinted moisturizer”) porque no lo necesito y además hay que dejar que la piel se respire, pero luego me acordé que soy humana y que hay cosas peores que me salen muchos granos en mis 30´s. Entonces, decidí que tenía que hacer algo y gastar lo que sea para regresar mi piel a la normalidad.

Llamé a mi mamá, quien ha trabajado varios años en la industria de skincare y es una guru sobre el tema, y ella me explicó que mi cuerpo todavía se estaba desintoxicando de las hormonas que llevaban tanto tiempo adentro de mi cuerpo y que iba a tardarse en quitarse por completo de mi cuerpo. Me sugirió que comprará un buen tratamiento y usar un buen jabón de la cara. Todavía pensé que necesitaba algo más, entonces fui a la tienda de Kiehl´s para gastar más de $100 dólares en la línea de Blue Herbal, pero el chavo que trabajó allí, cómo mi mama, me aconsejó que no necesitaba esa línea y me recomendó mejor el tratamiento. Me mandó con una muestra del Kiehl´s Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment para probar, y como siempre con los productos de Kiehl´s fui feliz y regresé para comprarlo.

Entonces para terminar, quería compartirles todos los productos, que juntos, además de paciencia y uso diligente, ya mi piel ha regresado a la normalidad.

just tea tree cream

JUST Tea Tree Cream: I had used this before as I mentioned, but not consistently. Once I applied this to my blemishes 3 times a day, I noticed a difference. I love the healing properties of tea tree and this cream is effective yet gentle on the skin. I have also been adding a pea size amount to my moisturizer and slather that on my face before bed, and I feel like this step has helped as well.

He usado este producto como mencioné, pero no de manera consistente. Una vez que empecé a ponerla en los granos 3 veces al día, noté una diferencia. Me encantan las propiedades curativas del tea tree y también que esta crema es efectiva y no irrita la piel. También he agregado un poquitín de la crema a mi crema de piel que me la pongo en la noche, y siento que eso ha ayudado.

kiehls blemish control

Kiehl´s Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment: Although this product is described to treat blemishes and heal the skin, to be honest, I didn´t see much effect in the “treatment” part of the blemish, but what I do love about this product is how effective it is in removing the mark on your skin a blemish can leave up to weeks later. This treatment is a little pricey, but definitely worth it.

Aunque este producto lo describen para quitartelos granos y curar la piel, para ser honesto, no vi mucho efecto en la parte del “tratamiento” del grano, pero lo que me encantó de aquello es que quita las manchas que te dejan los granos semanas después. Es un poco caro, pero definitivamente vale la pena.

body shop tea tree concealerBody Shop Tea Tree Concealer: A product I have written about on the blog because I love this double-duty concealer. It has tea tree in it to continue healing the acne, but also provides coverage throughout most of the day.

Un producto que también he incluido aqui en el blog porque me encanta ese corrector que tiene doble función. Tiene tea tree para seguir el proceso de curar los granos, pero también te de cobertura durante la mayoría del día.

kiehls blemish control_just tea tree cream_body shop tea tree concealerSo these are the key products that have helped me through my breakouts, and of course, since the world of blogging is a plethora of information, I obviously want to know what products you have used and swear by.

Entonces estos son los productos claves que me han ayudado mucho quitar mis granos, y claro, porque el mundo de los blogs existe miles de recomendaciones, entonces obviamente quiero saber los productos que han usado y recomiendan.

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Denim Top + Crochet Skirt

asos denim top_black studded boots asos denim top_black studded boots2 asos denim top_black studded boots3 asos denim top_black studded boots4 asos denim top_black studded boots5asos denim top_black studded boots7asos denim top_black studded boots6{top: ASOS (on sale!)} {skirt: random brand, similar here and here} {boots: Choies} {bag: Rebecca Minkoff} {small rings: Gorjana}

Photos: Claudia Mara

In my last post I said denim is the new black, and it must be true because I am featuring yet another denim piece two days later. This was totally unplanned, but it just goes to show you how versatile denim is and what a prominent fabric it is in our (or at least my) wardrobe.

This skirt makes this outfit super sweet, which normally isn´t my style, so I toughened it up with some studded booties and a fringe bag to balance it out. Also, I just want to let you know that this top I am wearing is on major sale (no affiliate link here, just want to pass on valuable information!); I usually don´t invest too much in my summer wardrobe, but this piece has been in high rotation since May. I love the frayed trim and the slight trapeze cut.

Be sure to check back here on Friday! I will be sharing a recent skincare struggle I have been dealing with and the wonderful products that have helped me!

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 En el post pasado dije que la mezclilla es el nuevo negro, y debe de ser de verdad porque otra vez estoy compartiendo otra pieza de mezclilla dos días después. Esto no lo tenía planeado, pero te muestra que tan versátil es y que tan destacada es la tela en nuestros (o al menos al mío) guardarropas.

Esta falda es muy dulce, cual normalmente no es mi estilo, entonces agregué unos toques duros con unas botas adornadas y una bolsa de flequito para balancearla. Y antes que me despido, quería avisarles que este top que tengo puesto está en mega rebajas (no es una liga de afiliado aquí; solo les quiero compartir esta información valiosa!); normalmente no invierto mucho en piezas del verano, pero esta pieza ha sido en alta rotación desde mayo. Me encanta el recorte desgastado y el corte como trapecio.

Asegúrense a regresar al blog el viernes; ¡les estaré compartiendo una batalla con mi piel que he tenido y los increíbles productos que me salvaron!

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